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Since 1962, Algotherm has drawn the most expert marine biotechnologies from all the seas and oceans of the world to regenerate and remineralize the skin.

Drawing on its expertise in aesthetic dermatology, it offers genuine cosmeceuticals that combine dermatological active ingredients and powerful marine biological extracts including the ALGOGENE[4] patent, a major discovery that activates 35 youth genes.

In our spas and beauty salons, our skin therapists concentrate the power of Algotherm dermocosmetics in professional treatments to treat skin aging and various epidermal problems of the face and body.


By integrating the most recent scientific discoveries, we offer optimized professional treatments, combining marine active ingredients with reference dermocosmetic active ingredients — inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques — such as niacinamide, high concentration vitamin C, hyaluronic acids. at targeted molecular weights for high assimilation capacity.

The scientifically studied combination of these active ingredients now allows us to offer an effective solution to each problem, each need of the skin.
A territory that is both very technical and ultra-natural. A crossroads where the prowess of cutting-edge cosmetology and the knowledge of pharmaceutical science come together, combined with the power and wealth of the oceans. The latter in fact concentrate — in their waters, in their algae — active ingredients extremely rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are particularly beneficial for the skin. Thanks to their biochemical structure similar to that of our blood plasma, they are bioassimilable by the skin – and very well tolerated by it. They are the source of Algotherm’s expert approach.

1 + 1 = 3

28 among the most powerful MARINE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, responding to the various problems encountered by the skin, have been identified and, for some, patented. It has also been demonstrated that their effectiveness is increased tenfold when they act in synergy with targeted dermocosmetic active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acids with strictly targeted molecular weights, or even particularly concentrated vitamin C, inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques :

1 + 1 = 3!

Armed with this knowledge, we carried out assemblies and created innovative cosmeceutical complexes with optimized effectiveness. Among them, ALGOGENE[4], a patented complex of 4 ALGAES ACTIVATING 35 YOUTH GENES for a global anti-aging treatment. This complex acts on wrinkles, it firms the oval of the face, reveals its volume, prevents and fades spots. It is at the heart of our EXPERT ANTI-AGING ranges.



Several factors, internal and external, impact skin health. Their consequences vary from person to person and require specific responses.

Each Algotherm range is dedicated to a skin problem to which an expert cosmeceutical formulation, combining dermocosmetic active ingredients and marine active ingredients, provides a targeted response.

8 expert ranges specifically dedicated to facial care to target different skin issues related to age, radiance and hydration.

Reformulated and tested under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control, our treatments will now be ever more responsible with a gradual shift towards formulas containing a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, without silicone or mineral oils and with a maximum reduction of allergens. Even more sensory formulas, both in terms of texture and fragrance.