Seaweed: A miraculous plant for youthful and radiant skin


With natural skincare slowly becoming the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe, skin experts chanced upon the benefits of seaweed while exploring the depths of the ocean.


Seaweed inspired skincare brings the refreshing goodness of the azure blue ocean to your shelf and makes for a great addition to your skincare regime. Seaweed, found in abundance in oceans, is a natural and rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty and amino acids. With its ability to assimilate deep down into the epidermis, the presence of seaweed makes for the best skin shine creams that lend a healthy glow to your skin from deep within.


In addition to being lauded as superfood, seaweed’s skin benefits are limitless. Detoxification, exfoliation, hydration, pigmentation, acne, cleansing, healing, and anti-ageing, there isn’t any skin condition that seaweed can’t be used for. An important ingredient at every step and every age in the skin care process, seaweed’s effects at repairing your skin are remarkable.


Seaweed refers to a variety of species of marine algae, each packed with a multitude of skin advantages. The therapeutic use of seaweed in skincare and spa treatments is called Algotherapy.


Algotherm is a skincare brand that has pioneered in Algotherapy and respects the complexity of your skin as well as the marine environment.Algotherm’s in-depth research of the marine life has resulted in discovering 29 different types of nutrient rich and naturally powerful seaweeds. Their unique range of skincare products is the result of their firm belief in the saying “In the sea, there is wealth”.


Soak yourself in the natural goodness of some of the best seaweed based skin care products from Algotherm for a youthful and radiant skin:


  1. Clarifying Night Cream

The combination of the brightening properties of white lily and nourishing seaweed makes this the best cream for face. Packed with the power to lighten and shrink dark spots along with anti-oxidants and anti-ageing properties, this skin shine cream renews the skin when you sleep.


clarifying night cream

Clarifying Night Cream

  1. Youth Lift Cream

The incredible anti-sagging property of the seaweed present in this smooth textured cream makes it the best cream for face when it comes to restoring skin elasticity and firmness and giving you an ultimate youthful glow.

Algotime expert youth lift cream

Youth Lift Cream



  1. Eye Moisturizing Cream Gel

With its ability to restructure, regenerate and tone the skin, this skin shine cream gel targets the skin around your eyes by restoring firmness on the eye contour and reducing the appearance of dark circles.


Eye Moisturizing Cream Gel



  1. Smoothing Clarifying Serum

A must-have in your skincare routine, this skin shine cream serum smoothens facial features by evening out your complexion. A lightweight texture that melts right into your skin and detoxifies it from within, this is the best cream for face to brighten dull skin.

From the ocean to your skin, seaweed skincare doesn’t get purer than Algotherm’s products containing the miracle marine asset – Seaweed.

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