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This algae has two particularities in its molecular composition. On the one hand, it contains heparin composed, among other things, of iduronic acid, one of the main constituents of the extracellular matrix, thus offering incredible anti-sagging properties. On the other hand, it is also composed of aosaine to strengthen the skin cells and firm it (Aosaine is composed of three quarters of amino acids which strongly resemble those which make up the elasticity of our skin).

Good for the body/h3>

In food, 10g of this algae provides 70% of the magnesium needs and more than half of the iron needs.

It looks exactly like a salad leaf, which gives it its name sea lettuce. Very fine and yet very resistant, its green color is lively and luminous. They are found all along the coasts of France, Brittany and Normandy in particular


Macro-Green Algae