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Hydration and remineralization

Its great richness in alginates, mannitol and amino acids gives it a very strong hydrating*, remineralizing, protective and nourishing power on the skin.

Hidden Virtues

Very rich in iodine, it promotes slimming and has antiseptic properties. It is also capable of forming a plant film, a true protective and repairing agent for the skin.


This algae is capable of living up to 5 years, thus ranking among the most resistant algae!

*Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

Very large (from 1m to 4m), this alga is characterized by a thallus divided into several strips. Its color varies from brown to olive green/beige. It is found in abundance on the Breton coasts and in the North Atlantic. They are also found in the South Atlantic.


Brown macroalgae