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Water reservoir & water regulator

To compensate for its water losses at low tide, Codium produces a particular sulfated sugar compound. These molecules, rich in glucuronic acid, limit and regulate dehydration. A Codium extract in the formulations ensures immediate, deep and lasting hydration. The skin will better resist specific conditions such as an overheated atmosphere, the sun, etc. It also has a regenerating, stimulating and invigorating action on the skin.


Made up of 60% vegetable proteins, it is also one of the plants richest in chlorophyll. It therefore has incredible nutritional capacities.

This algae, with its downy appearance, in the shape of a green bouquet with thick tubes, is little known in Europe, although it is widely represented there. It is a common food in Asia. Our Codium Tomentosum comes from Brittany and more precisely from Côtes d'Armor.


Green microalgae